Frantically stopping pucks since 2018.

One of the most stupid ideas I had recently was to start playing hockey. I am old, short and cannot skate. That's probably not ideal. Still, I thought, unless I give it a shot I will never know how it feels to be chasing the puck on the ice. 

That's why in Summer 2018 I took lessons at Ochsner Hockey Pro Goalie School to learn the basics. I then was given the opportunity to join EHC UBS Zürich's and HC Sunshine/Zurich Pikes' rosters, additionally I'm booked by several teams on an ad-hoc basis. It feels great to experience the game and to learn more and more about the skills and details involved.

In addition, this website aggregates info about my favourite sports teams ZSC Lions, FC Zürich, Vegas Golden Knights, Nottingham Panthers and Mumbai Indians.